Our Top Choice is Viva Labs 1,250 mg Krill Oil

Not only does this product contain the highest concentration of Omega-3 fatty acids that we found, it has been verified by Consumer Lab and the International Krill Oil Standard and comes with a reassuring 90-day money back guarantee. With higher levels of EPA, DHA, phospholipids and powerful antioxidant astaxanthin, Viva Labs krill oil offers customers more value than other leading brands. Since the product’s potency and purity is confirmed by independent testing, you can be sure that this krill oil is pure and free from unwanted toxins.

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Advanta Krill Oil

Advanta Krill Oil is a lower-priced omega-3 supplement with small, easy-to-swallow krill oil capsules containing 500 mg krill oil per serving. The packaging is unappealing and they provide few details on the health benefits of krill oil and omega-3 fatty acids, in general. The product contains vitamin A and E, although the sources are not listed, nor are the amounts. The krill oil has a phospholipid content, but the amount is not given.

About The Manufacturer:

Advanta manufacturers its products in FDA approved labs in the US. They provide few details on their company’s ethos on health. No details are given about the quality of their products or the sources the nutrients used in their supplements are derived from. The blog posts on their website are strictly used to plug their products, making us skeptical of the health information that is presented in these articles.


The product contains 500 mg of Krill Oil from an unknown water source. The EPA and DHA content is not listed with the amounts in mg as is found on other krill oil supplements. They mention that their product contains vitamins A and E, yet the labelling and amounts cannot be found on the label). The product also contains unnecessary omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids which are already overabundant in our diets and may promote inflammation. Glycerin and purified water are added as a filler to the product.

The Positive:

The opaque black bottle will prevent light from contributing to possible rancidity and the capsules are small and easy-to-swallow.

Needs Improvement:

We found numerous problems with this product. They need to list the krill oil’s source as other brands do (example: from the Antarctic). The labelling needs to be more comprehensive, including a detailed breakdown of the EPA and DHA amounts, along with the phospholipid, astaxanthin and omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acid content. The company should also state whether or not their capsules produce a fishy repeat, which is a major concern of those looking to purchase an omega-3 supplement. Giving the consumer a rundown of the health benefits of krill oil is also advised.

Our Recommendation:

By leaving out, in our opinion, necessary and detailed information about their product, they are exhibiting a lack of care for the health of the consumer. Advanta Krill Oil needs to improve in a variety of areas before we will give them our stamp of approval. With far higher-quality krill oils on the market, we recommend you choose a more reputable brand with the health of their consumer in mind before you pick up Advanta Krill Oil.


1 Bottle
$15.89 + 4.95 S/H

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100% Pure (No Fillers)
Contains 1,200 mg of
Krill Oil
Contains 300 mg of
Contains 500 mg of
Contains 1.6 mg of
Independently Tested
(Eicosapentaenoic Acid)
165 mg
100 mg
81 mg
150 mg
(Docosahexaenoic Acid)
95 mg
55 mg
52 mg
90 mg
Money Back Guarantee
GMP Manufacturing